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The best cat and dog health care app that ensures 

your pet stays in the best condition possible.

Our story begins with an experience we’ve all shared as parents of our beloved pets. When our pets suddenly fall ill, we are sometimes reluctant to take them to an animal hospital for various reasons. Reflecting on this common occurrence, we wholeheartedly believe that the worry and guilt we experience are unnecessary in the digital age we live in today.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple and rooted in nothing but love for your pets. We are a team of passionate pet lovers who believe in modern solutions to ensure our pets live healthier and stay longer in our lives. We aim to accomplish our mission through various services that keep pet parents informed with everything you need to know about your pet at the comfort of your home. We have extensive research and worked with licensed veterinarians to develop our user-friendly symptom checker. With the Buddydoc symptom checker, you can accurately determine your pet's health condition within minutes of seeing the first symptoms. We provide accessible telemedicine on your schedule, a food dictionary for food safety, newsletters and rewards for you and your pet to enjoy, and so much more to come soon. Worrying about your pet's health is a thing of the past now that you can receive professional and reliable treatment anytime, anywhere with Buddydoc.

Don’t worry, buddy.
We are always here for you.

Who we work for

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    Pets We support pets by offering accurate and professional treatment.
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    Pet Parents We support pet parents by always giving the best care for their pets.
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    Veterinarians We support veterinarians by maximizing your schedule.


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