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  • How do I delete an entry in My diary?

    You can delete an entry by clicking the calendar icon on the top right of the Calendar page.
    Click on the entry you want to modify and click the more ⋮ icon and delete.
  • How do I edit an entry I wrote in My diary?

    You can edit your entries by clicking the calendar icon on the top right of the Calendar page.
    Click on the entry you want to modify and click the more ⋮ icon and edit.
  • Where do I check My diary?

    You can check your diary by clicking the calendar icon on the Calendar page.
  • I have a food item that I'm curious about but doesn't come up in the search.

    Buddydoc periodically updates its Food Dictionary based on customers' search data.
    You can get information on the food you are searching for after some time as we update the information on our end. You can also submit a request for food items through our customer center.
    An employee will reach out to you and add information about the requested food as soon as possible.
  • Where are the sources for information provided in the Food Dictionary?

    Our Food Dictionary is cross-referenced to various veterinary data such as the ASPCA.
    However, it should be noted that this is commonly provided dietary information and there are always differences, depending on the characteristics of an animals’ genealogy.
  • How was the Self-symptom checker function created?

    Our Self-symptom checker algorithms are learned through veterinary data collected from various licensed veterinarians and a large public medical chart history
  • How accurate is the Self-symptom checker?

    Our Self-symptom checker program is a prediction system for diagnosis and pet health emergencies based on general veterinary data.
    The self-symptom checker functions as a precautionary step for early symptoms while providing licensed help from practicing veterinarians.
    However, in severe cases we recommend your pet to be diagnosed in person which our services connect you to immediately.
  • Do I have to allow location information?

    The user's location information is essential in the search for the right veterinarian and animal hospital nearby for the user.
  • Can I use the app on Android?

    Unfortunately, Buddydoc is currently only available on iPhone, but Android versions will be released in June.
    This information can be found immediately through our newsletter and notice at launch.
  • Is Buddydoc a free service?

    Currently, all services provided by Buddydoc are free of charge, and some additional services that will be launched in the near future will be offered for a fee.

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