Booster Vaccinations for Dogs

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Booster vaccinations play an essential role in your dog’s life, protecting them from fatal and infectious diseases. Regular booster vaccinations protect your dog and keep the wider community safe from preventable illnesses. Over time, immunity will wear off and require re-introducing a harmless form of the virus or bacteria to build immunity. This process helps train your dog's immune system to recognize the virus and attack it immediately.

Q. How often should my dog get booster vaccines?

The recommended booster schedule varies from vet to vet; however, we suggest following the below schedule to ensure our best friends stay healthy for longer.

DHPP* booster vaccine every 1-2 years

Rabies booster vaccine every 1-3 years (required by law)

Noncore booster vaccines every year

*DHPP vaccine stands for distemper, adenovirus(hepatitis), parainfluenza, and parvovirus

Q. Are booster vaccinations necessary?

Core vaccines such as the DHPP and rabies vaccine require a booster shot to keep your dog’s immune system strong and prepared for an infection. Noncore vaccines are not essential for your dog’s protection but provide an extra layer of protection.

Q. What if my dog has missed their booster appointment?

If you have missed your dog’s booster appointment, contact your vet as soon as possible. There is a small window of error for a booster shot to be still effective in protecting your pet. If the vet has determined the window has passed, the initial vaccination process will have to restart to build the proper immunity to the fatal diseases.

Q. Do I need to give my dog a booster shot annually?

The booster vaccine schedule is suggested under a generalized rule of thumb. You may consult with your vet and determine the best program for your dog. Blood tests are also costly and may be stressful for your pet, but they will test for the number of antibodies to determine whether a booster is required nearing its scheduled appointment.

Q. Do older dogs still need boosters?

The older your dog gets, its immune systems can weaken over time. In the case of more senior dogs, a booster shot becomes more vital in protecting their immune system. It is still recommended to uphold the booster vaccine schedule even as your pet grows older.

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